The 8th Sorrow of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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The 8th Sorrow of my maternal and Immaculate Heart
is that my Son is so offended in the Sacrament of His Love.

This sorrow of mine will endure until the end of time,
when the Real Presence of my Son in the Most Holy Sacrament
will give way to the sight of His Divine Majesty.

Then will faith give way to vision,
and hope to possession.
Then will love be secure and everlasting
for all who will have died in the embrace of His Divine Friendship.

Until then, know that my maternal Heart suffers and grieves
over the irreverence, the coldness, and the ingratitude of so many souls
towards the Sacrament of my Son's undying love.
It is in this Sacrament that He loves His own,
loving them to the end --
to the end of every created possibility
and to the end of this passing world.
His Eucharistic Love surpasses all the laws of perishable nature:
there is no greater miracle on the face of the earth
than the Real Presence of my Son in the Sacrament of the Altar.

Even so, He is forsaken, neglected,
and handed over to sinners to be betrayed again and again,
and this by His chosen ones, His beloved priests,
the men whom He chose to be the consolation and joy of His Heart.
This is my own Heart's 8th Sorrow:
the betrayal and neglect of my Son
in the Most Holy Eucharist.

How is He betrayed?
His priests, my own sons, betray Him
when they fail to make Him known,
when by not teaching the mystery of His Real Presence
they leave souls in the darkness of ignorance,
without fire or light.

They betray my Son when, by their example,
they discourage reverence, and adoration,
and a loving attention to His presence.

They betray Him
when they offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass unworthily,
and when they hand Him over to sinners
who have no intention of giving Him their hearts
and seeking His mercy and His pardon for their sins.

They betray Him
when they leave Him alone in locked churches
and when they make it difficult or impossible
for souls to approach His tabernacles,
and rest in the radiance of His Eucharistic Face.

They betray Him
when they allow His churches
to become places of noise and worldly chatter,
and when they do nothing to recall souls
to the living Mystery of His Love,
that is His presence in the tabernacle.

Shall I tell you more of this 8th Sorrow of my Heart?
It is when you are lacking in generosity,
when you fail to respond to love with love,
when you are not generous
in being present to Him
who is present in the Most Holy Eucharist
for love of you.

I speak here not only to you,
but to all my priest sons
and to all consecrated souls
who live with my Son under the same roof,
and yet treat Him coldly, or casually,
or with a distant formality.

This too is the 8th Sorrow of my Heart:
that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated quickly,
with little reverence,
with no thanksgiving,
and with all the attention given,
not to my Son, the Lamb,
but, rather, to the human presence of His minister,
who, by calling attention to himself,
takes from God what belongs rightly to God alone:
the loving attention of every heart during the Holy Mysteries.

What more shall I tell you?
Do you not grieve with me over this 8th Sorrow of my Heart,
made up of many sorrows repeated again, and again, and again?
Grieve with me today,
and console my maternal and Immaculate Heart
by adoring my Son,
the blessed fruit of my womb,
and by giving Him all that you are
in an immolation of love.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of A Priest



Is this "In Sine Jesu" something that is printed in total?

Is it something that one can obtain in a printed form, this Journal of a Priest

It is so beautiful! I should love to obtain copies for myself and some of the priests in my life.

Thank you!
Ave Maria!

Readers often ask for more information about the Journal. Since Father is silent on the issue, and since the texts have their own power apart from more sourcing, I believe we should just be grateful for what is given.

The sorrow of the Holy Mother of God, glorified body and soul in heaven cannot be compared to any earthly sorrow. There is no earthly sorrow in the joy of paradise. Words fall short of the reality, and yet words must be used to write verbal icons of what is, in the end, a mystery.

The sorrow of the Mother of God is one of compassion. It is the loving sorrow manifested in so many wonder–working icons by the tears of compassion that flow from her eyes. The “sorrows” of the Mother of of God, like the tears of her icons, are a call to conversion of heart. Just as her tears can soften even the most hardened hearts, causing sinners to weep, so too can her “sorrow” bring a godly sorrow, and the grace of repentance, to poor sinners.

In no way does the sorrow of the glorified Mother of God imply a lessening of the perfect and eternal joy that is hers in the light of the Most Holy Trinity. It is, rather, a manifestation of her compassionate maternal pedagogy towards us poor sinners. I do hope that this is, in some way, helpful.

My soul grieves deeply with the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of My Mother in Heaven.
Thank you Fr. Kirby for this beautiful article. I weep.

Dear Father Mark,

It's very difficult not to quietly despair of the way some priests celebrate the Holy Mass. Especially if it happens be a feast day during a regular work week. The mass of the Exaltation of the Cross started with a "Good Morning", followed by few words of explanation, and then the Sign of the Cross.
The "homily" paraphrased what was already clear from the readings; the Eucharistic prayer was the shortest one. There was no music, and I don't think it's because the occasion didn't call for it.
I left confused and angry with myself about the way I had felt. I keep telling myself not to be petty, and try to overlook those kind of liturgical abuses, because after all, "even if my heart condemns those who commit them, the Lord God is greater than all hearts".
But still, that's the "Eighth Sorrow" of our Lady, and I pray that she will be consoled, and eventually those priests who grieve Her son by their lack of imagination (?) and spiritual sloth will repent.
I hope I'm not being too harsh. Mind you Father Mark, "my parish is like any other".
I'm so grateful for priests like yourself,

"The sorrow of the Mother of God is one of compassion....In no way does the sorrow of the glorified Mother of God imply a lessening of the perfect and eternal joy that is hers in the light of the Most Holy Trinity."

Thank you, Father, for this explanation, what a relief!

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