Remain Close to Me

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John Heart of Jesus (Subiaco) detail.jpg

The image of Saint John resting in sinu Iesu is a detail of the fresco in the monumental refectory of the Sacro Speco Monastery at Subiaco.

Remain close to me
and I will unite you
to my own adoration of the Father.

Remain close to me
and I will unite you
to my priestly intercession for souls.

Remain close to me
and I will give you the peace
that the world cannot give.

Remain close to me
that I may hide myself in you
and hide you in my Sacred Heart.

Adore me in my silence
and I will make you silent.

Adore me in my solitude
and I will separate you from all save from myself.

Adore me in my humility
and I will make you humble.

Adore me in my obedience
and I will make you obedient.

Adore me in my prayer to the Father
and I will begin to pray my Father in you.

Adore me in my merciful love for sinners
and I will save sinners through you.

Adore me in my weakness and in my poverty
and I will make you strong in my grace
and rich in heavenly blessings.

Adore me,
and I will live in you.

Adore me,
and at the hour of your death
I will take you to myself
and show you the beauty of my Face unveiled in glory.

From In Sinu Iesu, the Journal of A Priest


Thank you Father Mark.
This article reminded me Adoratio2011;
a lovely Conference.
+ God bless you,

I will add this as a prayer for my adoration hour. How beautiful. It brought tears of joy to my eyes! Thank you, Father Kirby!

To see His Face unveiled in glory! For this my soul longs and my heart cries out!

This is so ardent and moving. I shall copy it and put it in my prayer book. Thank you Father for the care of our souls through your wonderful Blog. Deo Gratias!

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