Happy Birthday, Dad!

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I'm sure that the readers of Vultus Christi
will join with me today
in wishing my father a very happy 84th birthday!


Happy Birthday Mr. Kirby... a wonderful day that is now so often the feast of the Holy Family! Many more! á breithe sona duit!

Happy Birthday Mr. Kirby. A Blessing on your 84th! ..It didn't occur to me that Father Mark had a father. I was beginning to think your son was Melchizedek in disguise. :)

Happy Birthday Mr. Kirby. ..Blessing to you on your 84th!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Kirby!

And my deepest gratitude to you and Mrs. Kirby for the father, friend, and gift to the Church, that is your son.

Happy birthday Mr. Kirby!
Dittos on the comment left by 'Jon Kabel'. God bless the Kirby family. Prayers for all of you on this special day.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Kirby!
You and Mrs. Kirby are truly blessed by the Lord to have brought up Father Mark to be such a fine priest!
In Christ,

Ad Multos Annos Mr Kirby. Continued abundant Blessings on your family and beyond.
In Amor Christi

Many happy returns of the day!

Juan T.'s comment - ditto!

Mr Kirby, may your new year hold both abundant blessings and unanticipated joy. Best Wishes!


Dear Mr. Kirby,

We are sorry to have missed your birthday. I hope your day was enjoyable and that the 2011 will bring you wonder-filled and blessed days. With love and best wirshes, Barbara and Ed

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