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I have presented Father William Doyle, S.J. several times to the readers Vultus Christi. This evening I learned of a new blog dedicated to this heroic and saintly Irish priest. I heartily recommend it. There is a link to http://fatherdoyle.com/ in my sidebar.

As you take up the challenges of this hour, I ask you to remember "the rock from which you were hewn" (Is 51:1). Reflect upon the generous, often heroic, contributions made by past generations of Irish men and women to the Church and to humanity as a whole, and let this provide the impetus for honest self-examination and a committed programme of ecclesial and individual renewal. It is my prayer that, assisted by the intercession of her many saints and purified through penance, the Church in Ireland will overcome the present crisis and become once more a convincing witness to the truth and the goodness of Almighty God, made manifest in his Son Jesus Christ. (Pastoral Letter of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI to the Catholics of Ireland, March 2010)

From a new blog: http://fatherdoyle.com/

"The scandalous actions of a small number of priests and religious, and the almost equally scandalous inaction of their superiors in correcting these abuses, has profoundly damaged the image of the Church and of the priesthood in Ireland and in much of the Western world.

Pope Benedict XVI, in his letter to the Church in Ireland, has wisely outlined the path of reform for the Church. It involves a return to the sources of our faith as well as acts of reparation and penance and a recognition of the need for holiness as the antidote to scandal in the Church. Significantly, it involves remembering the rock from which we have been hewn. We must remember, and emulate, the "generous, often heroic, contributions made by past generations of Irish men and women to the Church and to humanity as a whole". These heroes of the past show us the way to renewal of the Church and the way to Christ. They present a variety of modes of behaviour, and approaches to genuine spirituality that we can adapt for our own lives.

Fr Willie Doyle SJ was one of those heroes.

Thus, the first objective of this blog is to hold up Fr Willie Doyle as a very modern and relevant model of heroic holiness from whom we can learn today."

If this blog helps further Fr Doyle's cause for beatification in some way, then that is a bonus. However, it is not formally associated with that cause, although clearly it would welcome progress in that area.

This blog aims to be a central resource on materials relating to Fr Doyle, his life and his spirituality. Readers are actively encouraged to make comments and to get involved. The aim is to keep it updated, hopefully everyday for the first year at least. These daily posts will involve snippets from the writings of Fr Doyle along with commentary where appropriate as well as other forms of commentary and links where relevant.


It will be an absolute pleasure to read about
this Saintly Priest, what an example to the Lay and all Religious.

I have just begun reading the life of Father William Doyle by Professor O' Rahilly. It is proving to be an absorbing read. I am delighted that you have started a blog on this great man and I wish you the very best of luck with it. (Note: Dear Robert, I didn't start the new blog in honour of Father Doyle, another of his devotees did, but I support it enthusiastically. Father Willie Doyle deserves to be known better. FMDK)

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