Visit her with the radiance of Thy Holy Face

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My dear brother in Christ, Vincent Uher, offered us a beautiful message and prayer today. Lest you miss it in the recent comments, here it is:

Courage, dear brothers and sisters! Even if our Holy Father Pope Benedict were the only light in the darkness, that darkness cannot overcome that light nor can it diminish it. And in addition to our Holy Father there remain among the clergy and religious many brilliant lights burning with the glory of Heaven. Think for a moment of those lights and how the darkness can never overcome the Light of Christ all over this beautiful and troubled world. . . . and even though some of us may feel like a dimly burning wick, Christ promises never to put it out and, again, the darkness cannot diminish even a dimly burning wick.

Let us shine before the Lord with His Light, and let us do so in confidence. And everywhere we go let us leave the encouragement of the Holy Ghost with friend and stranger, priest and pauper, bishop and Pope!

O Christ our Light, the one true Eternal Flame,
behold thy Bride the Church,
surrounded and assaulted, infiltrated and distressed,
and visit Her with the radiance of thy Holy Face
that all darkness and every evil
be cast out from Her good company
of faithful people, devout religious and her anointed priests
so that She be ready at thy soon-appearing
with lamps alight and hearts raised up;
for thy tender mercies' sake. Amen.


That prayer is beautiful. It has wonderful imagery and deep meaning that's comforting. Thank you, Vincent and Father Mark.

Tu pauperum refugium,'
Tu languorum remedium,
Spes exulum, fortitudo laborantium...
Salus mea, Jesu Christe, adjuva me.

These words from the Des Pres anthem we are doing Sunday and during Triduum seem like a capsule of the longer and more beautiful exposition of the theme of the church as hospital you've presented. I am greatly encouraged.

Well said Father Mark! a medical doctor your words give me a new and wider lens today give the medical and nursing professions the privilege of elevating our ordinary medical terms!.....The Lord as Physician of Life ....... your words are extra-nourishing today! amore Christi ......Pauline in Ireland

Thank you Vincent. Beautiful words of encouragement.

Thank you!

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