Who shall climb the mountain of the Lord?

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Brother Juan Diego: From Pop Rock to Gregorian Chant

On Monday, 7 December, following First Vespers of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Diego Merizalde, in religion, Brother Juan Diego Maria de San Jose, received the monastic habit and so began his noviceship. Brother Juan Diego, 28 years old, is a native of Ecuador and lived, most recently, in Miami, Florida where he studied at the archdiocesan Seminary of Saint John Vianney. Brother Juan Diego is a soccer enthusiast. Before pursuing his vocation, he performed as a Latino pop rock singer!

Brother Juan Diego heard the call to pursue Benedictine life as an Adorer of the Eucharistic Face of Jesus in the Diocese of Tulsa on the feast of Saint Sharbel, 24 July 2009. He humbly asks for the prayers of the readers of Vultus Christi as he engages on the monastic battlefield under the Rule of Saint Benedict.

Three priests of the diocese, the Reverend Fathers Timothy Davison, Michael Dodd, and Elkin Gonzalez chanted Vespers with us and witnessed Dom Mark's conferral of the habit on Brother Juan Diego.


I do not trust in any strength of my own, for I have experienced my weakness. But, trusting in the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and confident in the mercy of God, I desire with all my heart to do battle under the Rule of Saint Benedict.


May the Lord strip you of the old man and his deeds.


The Tunic

May Our Lord Jesus Christ so clothe you with His grace, that you may share by patience in His sufferings, and bear inwardly the image of His Face. Amen.


The Cincture

May Our Lord Jesus Christ gird you with the cincture of a perfect chastity in honour of His Immaculate Mother, of Saint Joseph, her most chaste spouse, and of Saint John, His beloved virgin disciple, that you may follow the Lamb wheresoever He goes. Amen.


The Scapular

Receive the yoke of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for He is meek and humble of heart. Thus will you find rest for your soul, for His yoke is easy and His burden light. Amen.


"And you my child, will be known for a prophet of the Most High, going before the Lord, to clear His way before Him." (Lk 1:76)


"This man will receive a blessing from the Lord and obtain mercy from God his Saviour, for he is of the generation of those who seek the Lord." (Ps 23: 5-6)


Congratulations, Brother Juan Diego! May God who has begun this good work in you now bring it to fulfillment.

Oremus pro invicem!

In Xto,

Bailey Walker
Falls Church, Virginia

How wonderful to be able to see the investiture. May God bless Brother Juan Diego and also the whole community. I am an oblate of Clear Creek and I love the Holy Rule of St. Benedict. He is a good Father to all his sons and daughters.

Congratulations Bro. Juan Diego! God grant you many years!!

Fr. Martin Farrell, op

Blessed be Christ, forever!

Gee, I wish WOMEN had that opportunity to do this...

They do... as Nuns.

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