Via Crucis for Priests

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I'm happy to announce that my Via Crucis for Priests has been published in Magnificat's Year for Priests Companion. Read about it here. It would be wonderful if, during Lent of this Year for Priests, parishes might use the Via Crucis for Priests at their Friday Stations of the Cross.


Dear Fr. Mark: A friend and I are working with our Archdiocese to obtain the blessing and official status for our Spiritual Motherhood for Priests Apostolate. In conjunction, we are having some prayer cards made up for the women/mothers, and would like to use the women's Morning Offering that was on your blog awhile back.

I could find no email or contact info for you, so am 'commenting' with my question. Is it ok if we use the Morning Offering prayer from your blog? If yes, would you like us to 'credit' you and/or Vultus.stblogs/org as well?

You can just let me know here, in the comments section. Thank you and God bless your vocation!

Marge C
Milwaukee WI

Hello Father: I left a comment here but don't see it. Don't know if it's being approved or if I goofed up (I don't do blogs very often).

A friend and I have begun an apostolate of Spiritual Motherhood for Priest in our Archdiocese and are currently awayting Archdiocesean approval and blessing to make it an official Archdiocesean Apostolate.

We are ordering some prayer/holy cards and would like to use the women's Morning Offering on your blog for the reverse side of the card.

May we use this prayer on our holy card? if yes, would you like us to 'credit' you and/or for the prayer?

Thank you. God bless your vocation !

Marge C
Milwaukee WI

Father, this is wonderful news! I too pray that parishes everywhere will use your Via Crucis this Lent.

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