Thursdays of Adoration and Reparation for Priests

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A Reminder

From time to time, I like to remind regular readers of Vultus Christi of the Thursdays of Adoration and Reparation for Priests.

An Hour Before His Eucharistic Face

I also want to invite new readers to consider making a commitment to spend one hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament every Thursday in intercession and reparation for priests.

The hour may be made before the tabernacle or before the Blessed Sacrament exposed. Should it be impossible to make it before the Blessed Sacrament, one can, from any place, offer it in spirit before the tabernacle in the world where Our Lord is most forsaken, neglected, and forgotten.

O my beloved Jesus,
I give and consecrate to Thee this Thursday and all the Thursdays of my life,
in praise of the adorable Mystery of Thy Body and Blood,
and in thanksgiving for that of the Priesthood.

Moved by Thy Holy Spirit,
and full of confidence in the help of Thy Most Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary,
Mother of Priests,
I resolve to live each Thursday for the rest of my days here below
in adoration and in reparation for priests
and, especially, for those who do not adore Thee,
for those who are most wounded in their souls,
and for those who are exposed to the attacks of the powers of darkness.
I want to remain before Thy Eucharistic Face for them and in their place;
I want to draw near, in their name, to Thy open Heart,
ever-flowing with the Blood and the Water that purify,
heal, and sanctify all souls,
but, first of all, those of Thy priests.

Let each Thursday find me close to the Sacrament of Thy Body and Blood,
in adoration and reparation for the sake of all Thy priests.
Make me an entirely Eucharistic soul,
according to the desires of Thy Sacred Heart
and the designs of Thy merciful goodness upon my life.
I desire nothing else.
I want to love Thee more each day;
I want to be the faithful adorer of Thy Eucharistic Face
and the consoling friend of Thy Sacred Heart
hidden in the tabernacles of the world,
where it beats, wounded by love, forgotten, forsaken,
and waiting for the adoration and for the love of even one priest.


Beautiful....thank you Father Mark. There are people who I know would be happy to receive a copy of this...I will pass it on.

May God bless your work always! We thank you for these reminders and prayers.

In Jesus and Mary,

Dear Father Mark,
Would you mind if I quoted this prayer over at our new blog and made a linked to your post/blog?
As the first Thurday approaches next week this prayer would be just beautiful to get out to others who want to commit to this adoration time and devotion.
Thank you
In Christ

Ladies, do feel free to make known this prayer and this movement of Thursdays of Adoration and Reparation for Priests. Also these prayers with which I begin and end the hours of adoration here each day:

At the beginning of the hour of adoration:

Lord Jesus Christ, Priest and Victim,
behold, I kneel before Thy Eucharistic Face
on behalf of all Thy priests:
(Fathers N. and N.)
and especially those priests of Thine,
who at this moment are most in need
of Thy grace.
For them and in their place,
allow me to remain,
adoring and full of confidence,
close to Thy Open Heart
hidden in this, the Sacrament of Thy Love.

Through the Sorrowful and Immaculate
Heart of Mary,
our Advocate and the Mediatrix of All Graces,
pour forth upon all the priests of Thy Church
that torrent of mercy that ever flows
from Thy pierced side:
to purify and heal them,
to refresh and sanctify them,
and, at the hour of their death,
to make them worthy of joining Thee
before the Father in the heavenly sanctuary
beyond the veil (Hb 6:19)
where Thou art always living
to make intercession
for us (Hb 7:25). Amen.

At the end of adoration, three times:

Eucharistic Face of Jesus, sanctify Thy priests!

Thank you Father,
These are truly apt prayers.
We are two mother's from Australia who have started a blog inspired by the booklet from The Congrgation of the Clergy Adoration, Reparation, Spiritual Motherhood for Priests.
Thank you for highlighting these prayers, I will pass them to others through our blogs and any means I can.
I really get a lot from your blog Father I am glad to have found it!
God Bless you

Please pray for a "mother" who discovered her maternal mission years ago, but feels "crushed" by the challenges of mission...I am returning, thanks to the grace of God to "stand" again in that mission, but still with great trepidation about not accepting God's grace when the pain of the trials seems to remove even the ability to think straight, mentally and spiritually!

Thank you!


Thank you Father once again for these lovely prayers.
We would love you to pay a visit to our new blog devoted to Spiritual Motherhood for Priests.
I have posted the link below. If you would like to email us with any comments or guidence we would be very grateful.
We have email links on the SM blog if you would like to contact us.
God Bless

Father, thanks for these beautiful prayers and allowing us to share them with our sisters in Christ.

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Dom Mark Daniel Kirby is Conventual Prior of Silverstream Priory in Stamullen, County Meath, Ireland. The ecclesial mandate of his Benedictine community is the adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar in a spirit of reparation, and in intercession for the sanctification of priests.

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