I will cure their wounds

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I am reading the Italian translation of Sacerdotes di Cristo, texts of Conchita Cabrera de Armida, selected and presented with a theological introduction by Juan Gutiérrez González, MSpS, Citta Nuova, 2008. The English translation is my own.

In fact, in my priests the Father sees Me, the only Priest worthy of offering Himself in purity, of immolating Himself efficaciously, of glorifying God as God.
Is not then this predilection of love a most tender act of the will of the Father for the good of the priests who will have represented Me and who will represent Me until the end of the ages?
What esteem do they show for their own vocation, those priests who are shallow, worldly, lukewarm and sinful in spite of their holy, admirable, and incomparable priestly vocation?
All the same there is yet time so that many of them, who until now have remained deaf to the voice of grace, might turn back on their steps, drawn by my incomparable tenderness and by my Heart, which is that of a Saviour, and come to Me. I, with my affection, will cure their wounds; with my power I will free them from the enemy, and give them relief in all their sufferings.

Our Lord to Conchita Cabrera de Armida



Dear Fr Mark,

Since I know nothing about blogs, I hope you will allow me to write to you in this manner.
I dearly wish to let you know about a little item called "Friends of The Lamb" which is on a web site called www.vocationsguidetopriesthood.org

The full article explains the term "The Lamb" and is a plea to our "little ones" to pray for our shepherds.

Attached below is a shortened version of the entry.
Pat Ryan
London UK


Friends of the Lamb
This is a very special invitation to all our young parishioners to become “Friends of The Lamb” to pray for our priests and for vocations. JESUS IS THE LAMB. At Holy Mass we say “Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world.” Friends of The Lamb can be as young as tiny babes in arms, children preparing for First Holy Communion, and older youngsters who have not yet been confirmed. in short absolutely every young parishioner who has not yet been confirmed is invited to become a Friend of The Lamb!!!! It is so easy to join.

Pre First Communion youngsters. All that is necessary is for all participants who have not yet made their First Holy Communion to agree to say one Hail Mary for our priests on one particular day in the month. Of course the little babies will not know the words of the “Hail Mary” but their mothers, fathers or guardians will and can recite an Ave for the wellbeing of our priests as they hold their child in their arms. Just imagine the joy in a mother’s heart as she announces to the priest immediately after he has baptised her little babe that henceforth both she and her child would say an Ave for his intention each month on the date of her child’s baptism.

Initially the children would only be encouraged to say their Hail Mary once a month on an easy to remember date such as their baptism or birth date. Of course they could pray as many days of the month as they wished, but the idea is to encourage our youngsters to commence praying for our clergy. It is not meant to be a penance but something beautiful. It is the young person’s special gift to his/her pastor and parish.

Children who have made their First Holy Communion It would be marvellous if these young parishioners would agree to recite three “Hail Marys” on one special date of the month for our priests.
Everyone who has been confirmed would be regarded as adults and might then like to join the “31 Club”
The names of the Friends of The Lamb will be placed on a Notice Board in the church to encourage others to join.

PRINT NAME HERE………………………………


Young Parishioner, Parent or Guardian to SIGN HERE…………………………………………………….

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