Of You I Ask Something More

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"So few souls remember to thank Me after receiving My Body and Blood. This is true even of my priests -- my priests, my friends, my chosen ones from whom I expect more, from whom I desire more.
Hearts have grown cold and indifferent towards Me in this the Sacrament of My Love. For many, receiving Me has become a routine action devoid of faith and with no manifestation of adoration and of love. How has My Church come to this?
I will raise up holy priests to rekindle a burning love for the Most Holy Eucharist in the hearts of my faithful. I am calling many priests to adore My Eucharistic Face and to approach My Open Heart in the Sacrament of My Love. These are the priests whom I will use to minister first to their own brothers in Holy Orders and then, through them, to vast multitudes of souls who have never understood the mysteries of My Body and Blood offered to the Father and given up for the life of the world.
It is in these few precious moments after Holy Communion that My Heart seeks to hold conversation with My friends, but so many turn away from Me to busy themselves about many things. Of you . . . I ask something more. Remain with Me for these few moments. Listen for the sound of My voice in your heart. Know that My desire is to speak to you and to listen to all that you have to tell Me. It is in these moments that I am most disposed to grant the requests made of Me in faith."


O Gesù, concedi la grazia, della stessa unione profonda, quale era dato al glorioso San Bernardo, soprattutto nella sant'Eucaristia.

Concedi questa grazia, il mio amato signore-vittima, non solo a me, in questo momento, ma a tutto quelli che cercherà la tua faccia, nel cenacolo moderno, come i tuoi discepoli dopo il mistero pasquale.

Sia lodato, amato e ringraziato, ogni momento, il santissimo e divinissimo Sacramento!

The Gospel says that after celebrating the first Mass in the Cenacle, our Lord sang a hymn with His Apostles. The believer who is present at the holy Sacrifice ought not to withdraw till he has thanked God for this priceless grace. His heart ought to be divided between gratitude, wonder, and a firm resolution to sin no more ~ Saint John Chrysostom

Before leaving the church after holy Mass never fail to thank God for the graces He has just given you ~ Saint Jean-Baptiste Marie Vianney

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