Mine It Is to Save

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"Of the sins cast into the fire of my Heart nothing remains -- they are completely annihilated -- not reduced to ashes -- but utterly destroyed and forgotten. Love makes me do this. When a soul laden with sin . . . comes to me with a repentant and broken heart, my Love envelopes that soul and purifies her in my Blood.
I am the Saviour. I abhor sin and its ravages in my creatures. Sin given to me ceases to exist; it is forever lost in the infinite ocean of my Mercy, but sin clung to and held close to oneself becomes a poison, a cancer that spreads, destroying the spiritual organism that I designed for holiness and for eternal beatitude.
I want my priests to give me their sins. I want all their sins because I have already paid the price for them. . . . Every sin given to me disappears, and in exchange for every sin given to me I will give a grace in return. This is the exchange I propose to souls. . . . It is enough to surrender your sins to me: in return I bestow an abundance of graces, precious graces that sanctify the soul and cause virtues to spring up where formerly there was nothing but a wasteland inhabited by the shadows of vice.
I want my priests to be the first to experience the immensity of my Mercy. I want them to be the first to experience this exchange of sin for grace, of darkness for light, of sickness for health, and of sadness for joy. Let them come to me in the Sacrament of my Mercy, and then let them seek me out daily, even hourly, in the Sacrament of my Love, the Most Holy Eucharist. There I wait for them, there they will find everything their hearts desire.
I am Jesus. Mine it is to save, to heal, to vivify, and to make lovely in the sight of my Father the souls that consent to the operations of my Mercy and to the secret action of the Holy Spirit. . . . Confidence opens the door to all the treasures of my Kingdom. To one who has confidence in my Merciful Love, I can refuse nothing."


This is beautiful. Who wrote that?

Father Mark, Is this Sister Josefa?

Dear Mary, This particular text is taken from the journal of a priest that I have in my possession. I have posted other excerpts from it on Vultus Christi in the past.

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