Et balsamo suavior

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Still using Father Caswall's translation, I am giving only a selection of the twenty-four verses that make up this section of the hymn. Father Caswall renders the text with a certain liberty; it is not a literal translation. He does capture, nonetheless, something of the delicacy and sweetness of the Latin.

At Lauds

O Jesu, thou the beauty art
Of angel worlds above;
Thy name is music to the heart,
Enchanting it with love.

For thee I yearn, for thee I sigh;
When wilt thou come to me,
And make me glad eternally
With the blest sight of thee?

O Jesu, love unchangeble,
For whom my soul doth pine!
O fruit of life celestial!
O sweetness all divine!

O kindness infinite, supreme!
My joy and true repose!
O depth of charity extreme,
Which no abatement knows!

'Tis good that I my love should give
Save thee to none beside;
And dying to myself should live
For Jesus crucified!

O my sweet Jesu, hear the sighs
Which unto thee I send;
To thee mine inmost spirit cries,
My being's hope and end!

Thy presence with me I desire,
Wherever I may be;
This, Lord, is all that I require
For my felicity!

Thy kiss is bliss beyond compare,
A bliss for evermore;
O, that thy visits were less rare,
And not so quickly o'er!

Now have I gained my long desire,
Now what I sought is mine;
Now is my heart, O Christ on fire
With thy true love divine.

O fairest of the sons of day!
More fragrant than the rose!
O brighter than the dazzling ray
That in the sunbeam glows!

Return, return, pure Light of Light,
To thy dread throne again;
Go forth victorious from the fight,
And in thy glory reign.

Lead where thou wilt, I follow thee,
And will not stay behind;
For thou hast torn my heart from me,
O Glory of our kind!

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