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I anointed Dad last night. He had triple bypass surgery this morning. Being heavily sedated, he is not yet conscious (Thursday evening), but the surgery went very well. Deo gratias! And heartfelt thanks to all of you who are supporting us with your prayers.


Said a prayer for you all.

Praise God! :)

My mother endured a quintuple bypass in January 2007 at the age of 74. She's as fiesty as ever & doing very well & will be with us many years to come (God willing & the creek don't rise).

We thank our Father in heaven for His love and mercy in sustaining your father and family.

May the Lord be blessed! Your father and family have been in my prayers, Don Marco. Thanks for the update.

We are keeping you all in prayer.
JMJ! Marie & Martin

Our mother had a quadruple bypass following a heart attack on 2/11/2003. She is fine - the full recovery did take some time. So we know what your family is experiencing. We will pray to Our Lady of Lourdes for him.

Father Mark,
We prayed for you and your parents during Adoration this morning!
Janice... and some of my little ones... Tommy... Margie... Maria... and Sabina too!

I'm off to Mass and my hour of Adoration in a few moments. I will remember your father as well as you and your family in a particular way.

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