Eucharistic Cenacle in the Diocese of Tulsa

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Good news from Page One of the June 22, 2008 edition of Eastern Oklahoma Catholic! The Diocese of Tulsa is a thriving missionary Church in a state where Catholics are a minority. I appeal to the readers of Vultus Christi and to their friends to offer financial support for the construction of the Cenacle.

Eucharistic Cenacle

"Cistercian Father Mark Kirby has been invited into the Diocese of Tulsa to serve as a spiritual director for the priests and deacons as well as to implement plans announced by Bishop Edward J. Slattery June 8 to establish a Eucharistic Cenacle of prayer and adoration for priests.

Secret of Sanctification

Through Father Kirby's ministry within and for the presbyterate, Bishop Slattery hopes to expand Eucharistic Adoration throughout eastern Oklahoma while helping our clerics rediscover that "the secret of their sanctification lies precisely in the Eucharist ... The priest must be first and foremost an adorer who contemplates the Eucharist." (Pope Benedict XVI, Angelus, Sept. 18).

To Tulsa

Born in Connecticut and a monk of the Cistercian Abbey of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome, Father Kirby has been a priest for 22 years. He is expected to arrive by August 1st and will make his residence in midtown Tulsa, near St. John Medical Center, where he will be able to assist in St. John's program of 24-four Adoration and Intercession. At some point in the future, work will begin on the Cenacle of Prayer, although the Bishop has not disclosed the probable location of the Cenacle, which the Vatican's Claudio Cardinal Hummes described as being 'a kind of Eucharistic shrine.'"

Please send your contributions toward building the Eucharistic Cenacle to:

His Excellency, The Most Reverend Edward J. Slattery
Bishop of Tulsa
P. O. Box 690240, Tulsa, OK 74169-0240

Kindly indicate that your contribution is for the Cenacle of Eucharistic Adoration. Thank you for your generosity. May Our Lord Jesus Christ make the light of His Eucharistic Face shine upon you.


This is all wonderful, Father! May your ministry be richly blessed!
Father Benedict.

I just found your blog, Fr Mark. What a awesome ministry through which the Lord is calling you to serve him and his Church in our nation. As a Benedictine oblate (Olivetans) and an Oblate of the Precious Blood (Cor Jesu Monastery, Jemez Springs, NM)I am delighted with BOTH your monastic life and your ministry towards priests. Both of these are at the heart of my Christian life as a layman.

I am sure you are familiar with OSB oblates but the OPB (not in competition with OSB, the former consist in a different form of oblation on behalf of the priesthood) are dedicated to prayer and sacrifice for the santcification of priests.

And so I will surely be keeping you and the Cenacle in my prayers, asking Christ and our Lady to bless you and your ministry.


I will keep you in my prayers Fr. Mark, and pray that the Eucharistic shrine will be established soon. May God give you the strength, courage and all the graces that you need to accomplish his work for His Divine Son, our dear Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you.

Father Mark can you give us an update of what happening with the Cenacle? Is it completed yet? Sorry, but I am new to your blog and I might have missed something.

When I came across your blog by Divine grace, it was really an answer to my prayers. My family and I we have moved to parish, where unfortunately, we have not had any Eucharistic adoration in two years.(not in OK) We nevertherless went to other parishes, even across state lines,to benefit from this very valuable and sacred practice. Since we were new to the parish we did not want push this practice too much, since no other parishioners seems bothered by it. But recently(beginning of lent) I felt that the Lord wanted us to do something about it. So we courageously approached the priest with this subject. He was leary at first, stating that we wanted to have special treatment. But I managed to explained to him how much we were missing and needed this sacred practice and how important it was to our family. He thus agreed to exposed our Lord in a Ciborium for an hour after sunday mass for us. I wish he would announced it to the other parishioners but he did not want it to make it formal or even lead the hour for us. But for us it's better than nothing. We hope and pray that by our efforts and perseverance, this priest's heart will change about Eucharistic Adoration and other matters such as the celebration of important feast days (such as the Assumption ). We have a very small parish for many counties, but we hope that Our Dear Lord Jesus will bring more people through Eucharistic Adoration. During our first Eucharistic Adoration last sunday, there was a person who inquired about being a new member of the parish. It was an encoragement to us. So please keep us in our prayers,as we keep you and the Cenacle in ours.

We were delighted to come across your blog, which like a fresh breeze to us. What you and your diocese are doing is truly very valuable. It encourages parish priests to practice Eucharistic Adoration, which is very important not only to the priests but to the faithful. For there is nothing more refreshing and fruitful to the soul that to be in the Divine presence of dear Savior and Lord Jesus. God bless you Father Kirby and may the Cenacle bear many spiritual fruits into the lives of priests.

Hello I'm trying to reach Father Mark Kirby, I read that he trains women in the formation of becoming "Spiritual Mothers" for priests. I have a women's ministry our mission is praying for priests.....I would love to come and meet this priest that I may learn. I live in California. Please it would mean so much to me...Thank you.

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