Happy 80th Birthday, Mom!

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Yes, today was Mom's 80th birthday. The local contingent of the family gathered for dinner and then for birthday cake. Those of you who have met Emma Rose know what a wonderful woman she is, a real gift of God to my Dad, to her children, her grandchildren, and her friends.


Happy Birthday to a truly inspiring woman!

Happy Birthday!
Your mother looks so very young. 80? Nah! Richly blessed!
God bless,


Hi There,

Best Wishes and a wonder Happy New Year filled with unexpected blessings and moments of great joy!


Mrs. Kirby, a belated but no less heart-felt Happy Birthday. I was going to write Buona Natale, but it's probably not correct Italian; may mean Merry Christmas; and given the sophisticated commentors on your son's Blog, I decided against it. I can't believe 80 either...why you were just a young 50 when first we met...you and the Fire Chief!
Ad Multos Annos.
Fr. Jacob

Happy birthday Mrs Kirby! May you receive many blessings in 2008 and beyond. Thanks for your friendship.

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