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Did you get pink (or rose) flowers for Gaudete Sunday? Rose–coloured roses may be your first choice, but I like carnations — one single huge bouquet — for Gaudete Sunday.

It is always distressing to see flowers dispersed about the sanctuary in multiple little bouquets. It is even worse when such bouquets are placed in glass vases from the jumble sale and balanced on odd little tables and metal stands. Why do people do such things? A dozen or more flowers arranged in a single bouquet offer an intensity of colour that is lost when one attempts to use them in multiple arrangements.


After the Second Vespers of Sunday when the sanctuary returns to its Advent austerity, consider offering the Gaudete bouquet to the Blessed Virgin at your Lady Altar or, at least, keep the flowers until 20 December for the lovely Golden Mass of the Missus Est. It is fitting to flower the principal image of Our Lady during Advent, especially when it is located in a Lady Chapel or outside the sanctuary proper.


I'm new to your blog, but not to Catholicism. My faith in God waivers in light of what science says about the universe and about us. Despite my LOVE for the Catholic tradition, I can't find God. Can you help.


We had dozens of red roses... left from the funeral of a 45 year old father of 3 who died of cancer. Please keep Joseph, his widow and his sons in your prayers.

Father Cyprian: Please send your photo to me at I look forward to receiving it.

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