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I just had to share these photos of my nephews and niece, the children of my brother Terence and his wife Sandy. They live in New Hampshire where Terence has a business called My Dogs Mind.


Brothers: Jonah Daniel (6 months) and Michael Colin Kirby (4 years)


Mary Elizabeth Kirby (2 years)


Jonah Daniel Kirby (6 months)


Hello Father, thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. Please would you pray for me and my husband John. I am 41 and with great saddness we have no children.


Beautiful children!!

Dear Anne, I would recommend that you make a novena to Adèle Garnier, Mother Mary of St. Peter, foundress of the Tyburn Convent in London. The Tyburn nuns (OSB) have their own website.

Thank you Don Marco, I will do that.

I love the light in a child's eyes. So full of hope. God bless these children...and their parents..and their uncle who clearly loves them dearly.

+Dear Father,

Absolutely precious! A great blessing for the Kirby family!

Ah, those children are beautiful!
I have a Mary Elizabeth, too!

I was three days into a Novena to St. Gerard Majella when I found out I was going to be a mother. Ask him, too!

They are just precious. Mom and Dad must just want to squeeze and hug them all the time.

The new O'Neils turned 1 in June. James Michael IV is very Chinese and his twin Michelle is very caucasion. It should make for some surprised expressions as they grow up.

Thanks for sharing

This is so encouraging, thank you Ma Beck

Providential coinicidence: my brother Terence, the father of Michael Colin, Mary Elizabeth, and Jonah Daniel is named after Saint Gerard Majella. Mom was 39 when she had Terence. Terence Gerard Kirby will turn 40 on August 23!

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