Happy 40th Birthday, Terence!

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My "little" brother and godson Terence turns 40 today! Terence is married to Sandy. They have three beautiful children, all of whom have been featured on Vultus Christi: Michael Colin (4 years old), Mary Elizabeth (2 years old), and Jonah Daniel (6 months old). Terence owns and operates My Dogs Mind in Hampton, New Hampshire.


Ad Multos Annos, Terence. What a great looking couple. They seem very happy.

God Bless them.

Lotsa people say how nice the new liturgy is. Indeed that is a perfect
assessment of it, and exactly the problem. I guess the last supper was
nice too, and the crucifixion, and St. John's sixth chapter about the
Bread of Life.

Whatever the old Latin mass was, I never heard anybody call it "nice".
Save us oh God from "niceness" in the sanctuary. But I figure Jesus
the Lord is suffering it too, trapped by it. That's how I endure it.

Herb Flanagan
New York

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