Saints Marcellinus and Peter

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Today, June 2nd, is my 55th birthday! When I went downstairs for collazione this morning, I discovered that Fra Bernardo Maria had baked a lovely breakfast cake for the occasion. Perfect with morning coffee!

At 8:45 Fra Ryan Maria and I set out out for the Church of Saints Marcellinus and Peter on the Via Merulana. Sister Barbara, A.S.C.J. joined us on the way. Thus did three happy Americans celebrate the festival of two glorious Roman Martyrs. After Mass, Sister Maria, a Polish religious belonging to the Congregation of the Holy Family of Nazareth, joined us outside the church. Learning that it was my birthday, she said that she had the devotion of saying as many Gloria Patris as the person being celebrated has years!

A Priest and an Exorcist

Under the Emperor Diocletian, Peter, an exorcist of the Church of Rome, was sent to prison. There he converted the jailer and his entire family to the faith of Christ. They were all baptized by the priest Marcellinus. Condemned to death by the judge Serenus, Marcellinus and Peter were beheaded after atrocious torments.

Keeping Festival

The festival of Saints Marcellinus and Peter is kept as a solemnity in their church. Hence there was a Gloria and Credo at Mass. Fra Ryan Maria read the first and second readings.

At the end of Mass, the parish priest asked me to read the traditional prayer of supplication to the Holy Martyrs. Their reliquary was set amidst crimson flowers and a blaze of candles on the altar. Romans are unabashedly devoted to their saints: a salutary lesson for those who have espoused a dreary liturgical minimalism!

Marcellinus and Peter are named in the Roman Canon. I have a longstanding devotion to the saints of the Roman Canon and it was with no little emotion that I pronounced the names of Marcellinus and Peter at Mass this morning.


After Mass I went off to the Chiesa Nuova to make my confession! A great way to celebrate 55 years of mercy upon mercy! "Confess ye unto the Lord for He is good: for His mercy endureth forever" (Ps 117:1).


Thanks for allowing me to share this day with the saints and you...Peace, sb

For the great blessing that you, Fr. Mark are to so many of us---we give thanks today to the Lord, the giver of all life and all good things!

You are much in our poor prayers on this day.

With love in Christ Who calls us,

Fr. Gregory & Fr. Deacon Miguelangel

Happy birthday Fr! Many happy returns of the day.

Don Marco,

Congratulations! You wear your years very lightly.

Wishing you many more years of grace and ministry,


May God continue to bless you for many more years. you bring us much joy and happiness.

Mom and Dad.

You prove my theory--religious ALWAYS look younger than they actually are. I think the joy of service and lack of attachment to the world keeps them youtheful and radiating the Beauty of Christ.

God Bless, and as many more years as the Lord has written for you!

Happy Birthday, Don Marco! what a beautiful post; it brings tears to my eyes thinking of those wonderful martyrs who are your special patrons. I would never guess that you were 55 from looking at you, but I would guess it from the wisdom of your writings. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus bless you, and Our Lady, too. May God be praised!

Happy Birthday, Don Marco, and many happy returns of the day. I will remember your intentions at Mass tomorrow. God bless you.

De tout coeur, bon anniversaire. Tous mes voeux t'accompagnent.

My Dear Father in Christ,

I know I am late, but I did not forget this day's significance for you (and your dear little nephew). It has been an impossibly busy time. I prayed for you with love and devotion and gratitude. You are God's gift! The photo of you is almost as good as seeing you face to face.
We are preparing to receive our first little plant next week. You will be happy to know that she is part Italian and received her call at the tomb of St. Clare. Many blessings and much love, MVT

Hello. I was just introduced to your blog. You are a source of inspiration beyond what you could immagine. Please know you continue to reach out and touch new followers. I enjoy putting up holy cards from my personal collection and if you ever want to use any, please help yourself.
I am a new fan of yours. Thank you for all the time and energy you put into your writings.

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