9 December, Saturday of the First Week of Advent, Commemoration of Saint Juan Diego, Hermit

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Come, Lord, You who are enthroned upon the cherubim,
show us Your face and we shall be saved (Ps 79:4, 2).


O God, Who, for the liberation of the human race
from its ancient sinfulness,
sent Your Only–Begotten Son into this world,
grant to those who wait for Him with all their hearts
the grace of Your lovingkindness from above,
that they may at length attain the prize of true freedom.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,
who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God, forever and ever.


For the Church in Mexico and throughout the Americas;
that her shepherds may preach the kingdom of heaven,
heal the sick, raise the dead,
cleanse lepers, and cast out demons,
let us pray in silence — for the Lord is near. (Pause for silence.)

For world leaders;
that they may acknowledge God
as Judge, Ruler, and King,
and so seek the things that make for peace
let us pray in silence — for the Lord is near. (Pause for silence.)

For the lonely, the fearful, the bereaved, and the sick;
that, attentive to the experience of Saint Juan Diego,
that may turn to the Mother of Christ
for comfort in every affliction,
light in every darkness,
and hope in every trial,
let us pray in silence — for the Lord is near. (Pause for silence.)

For those who, like Saint Juan Diego,
live in the widowed state,
that they may draw closer to the Blessed Virgin Mary
and hear her say to them,
“Am I not here who am your Mother?”
let us pray in silence — for the Lord is near. (Pause for silence.)

For ourselves;
that during these days of Advent
marked by the presence of the Virgin Mary,
we may attend to her every counsel and inspiration,
let us pray in silence — for the Lord is near. (Pause for silence.)


Almighty and ever-living God,
look with mercy upon us, exiled children of Eve,
as once You looked upon Saint Juan Diego
and, by the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
cause this valley of tears to resound
with the jubilant praise of Your compassion.
Through Christ our Lord.


O Lord our God,
Who through Saint Juan Diego
made known the love of Our Lady of Guadalupe
toward Your people,
grant, we beseech you, by his intercession
that by following the counsels
of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother,
we may at all times seek to do Your will.
Through Christ our Lord.


Unto you have I lifted up my soul. O my God, I trust in you, let me not be put to shame; do not allow my enemies to laugh at me; for none of those who are awaiting you will be disappointed (Ps 24:1–3).


Lord, may the sacrifice by which we give ourselves to You
be a ceaseless offering,
that Your purpose may be fulfilled
by these holy mysteries,
and Your salvation accomplished mightily within us.
Through Christ our Lord.

(Ambrosian Missal, trans. Alan Griffiths)

Truly it is right and just, our duty and our salvation,
always, here and everywhere to give You thanks,
Lord, holy Father, almighty and eternal God,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

By the advent of His light
He scattered the darkness of this world
and in Himself has revealed to us the way of truth
by which we walk
toward the blessedness of eternal life.

And so, with all the angels we give you glory,
in this, their joyful hymn of praise:


Behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, says the Lord,
to render to each one according to his works (Rev 22:12).


Lord, we implore Your clemency
that these divine gifts
may so cleanse us from sin,
as to prepare us for the coming feasts.
Through Christ our Lord.

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