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As I was teaching my weekly liturgy class to the nuns of the monastery and their friends this morning, I glanced out the window and saw a tall, bearded gentleman making his way into the church. Holy Mass began — the feast of Saint Gertrude the Great and my 20th anniversary of priesthood — and I sensed a certain connection with the gentleman in question. After Holy Mass, various folks lingered to greet me. When the mystery visitor approached, I said, "And you are?" The answer came with broad smile: "Your webmaster!" He added in French, Les belles âmes se retrouvent!

Richard Chonak, the gracious architect of this blog made the trip down from Boston to join me at Holy Mass today. I was thrilled to meet Richard at last. After Mass we went to one of my favourite New Haven restaurants, Caffè Bravo on Orange Street, for lunch. What a perfect way to celebrate this 20th anniversary. Thank you, Richard, for adding the joy of your company to the other joys of this day!


It was delightful to meet you today, Father Mark, O.Cist.! Thanks for taking the surprise so graciously and making time for a happy lunch after such a beautiful Mass.

(Father does sing well, in case anyone's wondering, and offers the Holy Sacrifice with attention, reverence, and devotion.)

It even turned out that we have some friends and acquaintances in common, including founding members of the chant schola at Holy Trinity in Boston. So it was a "small world" experience on top of everything else!

Hey Richard! Great to finally see a photo of the man behind St Blogs!

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