26 November, Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

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Worthy is the Lamb that was slain
to receive power and divinity
and wisdom and strength and honour;
to Him be glory and empire
forever and ever (Ap 5:12, 1:6).
V. O God, give your justice to the King,
and to the King's Son your justice (Ps 71:1).


Almighty and everlasting God,
whose will it is to restore all things
in your beloved Son, the King of the universe,
mercifully grant that all creation
liberated from servitude for the service of your majesty,
may together praise you unceasingly.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God, forever and ever.

General Intercessions

That the Church in East and West
may proclaim to people of every place, culture, and tongue
the kingship of Christ
and His glorious coming upon the clouds of heaven,
to the Lord we pray: Christ, hear us. R. CHRIST, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US.

That during his apostolic journey to Turkey
our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI
may be kept safe beneath the protecting mantle
of the All–Holy Mother of God,
to the Lord we pray: Christ, hear us. R. CHRIST, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US.

That world leaders
may hear the voice of Christ the humble and gentle King,
and confess the dominion of God
over life and over death,
to the Lord we pray: Christ, hear us. R. CHRIST, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US.

That the sick, the brokenhearted, the needy,
and all who suffer in body, mind or spirit
may turn to Christ the crucified and pierced King,
and in Him find healing and comfort,
to the Lord we pray: Christ, hear us. R. CHRIST, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US.

That Father Mark Daniel and all priests
may serve at the altar of the Divine Majesty
with hearts washed clean by tears of compunction
and by the adorable Blood of Christ, the immolated Lamb,
to the Lord we pray: Christ, hear us. R. CHRIST, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US.

That we who have come together
for the mystical foretaste of the kingdom of Heaven,
may be renewed in our baptismal commitment to Christ the King,
and live with our gaze fixed on his Face,
to the Lord we pray: Christ, hear us. R. CHRIST, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US.

Collect at the General Intercessions

Almighty and merciful God,
who by your grace have raised us up
and enthroned us with Christ in the heavenly places,
see the desires of our hearts
and receive our supplications
for the sake of him
who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood
and made us a kingdom to the praise of your glory
here and in the age to come
where he is Lord forever and ever.

Offertory Antiphon

Ask of Me and I will give You the nations for your inheritance,
and the ends of the earth for Your possession (Ps 2:8).

Prayer Over the Oblations

Offering you, O Lord, the sacrificial victim
of the reconciliation of humanity,
we humbly pray that your Son himself
may bestow upon all nations
the gifts of unity and peace.
Who who lives and reigns forever and ever.


Truly it is right and just, our duty and our salvation,
always and everywhere to give you thanks,
Lord, holy Father, almighty and eternal God.

You anointed your only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ,
with the oil of gladness
as priest forever and universal King,
so that by offering himself on the altar of the cross
as the pure sacrifice that brings us peace,
he might accomplish the mystery of our redemption
and, having made all things subject to himself,
might present before your glory
an eternal and universal kingdom;
a kingdom of truth and life,
a kingdom of holiness and grace,
a kingdom of justice, love and peace.

And so, with Angels and Archangels,
with Thrones and Dominations,
and with all the heavenly hosts,
we chant a hymn to your glory
as ceaselessly we sing:

Communion Antiphon

The Lord shall throne as King forever;
the Lord shall bless His people in peace (Ps 28:10–11).

Prayer after Communion

Having partaken, O Lord, of the nourishment of immortality,
we who glory in obeying the commandments
of Christ, the King of the universe
pray that we will be able to live with him forever
in the heavenly kingdom.
Who lives and reigns forever and ever.


Wonderful image of Christ.
Where did you find it? Never saw it before to my rememberance.

Ah, Matthew! I thought you were referring to the other image that I posted with my homily. This one of Christ crowned with thorns derives from Early Netherlandish painting and is by CRANACH, Lucas the Elder (b. 1472, Kronach, d. 1553, Weimar).

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