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Our stblogs server was knocked out by a power failure last Friday evening. Take heart, we are back and running again! Father Jeff, I especially regret that I was unable to blog for the feast of your beloved founder, Saint Gaspar de Bufalo, on Saturday.

Much has happened in three days. On Saturday, my three year old nephew, Michael Colin Kirby, rode a two wheel bicycle for the first time. Yes, two wheels without training wheels! From the sidelines, little sister Mary (18 months) cried, "Me too! Me too!"

On Sunday, Benedictine Oblates Michael and Kerry Guidone received the blessing after childbirth — the Churching of a Woman traditionally given forty days after giving birth — in thanksgiving for their beautiful new son, Michael Mario. More on that later.

Today, the great–grand–niece of Blessed Columba Marmion came to Mass at the monastery and presented me with treasures from Dom Marmion's beatification: the Mass booklet, a green silk scarf with his image on it, a medallion, and several of his books. I have been devoted to Blessed Columba Marmion for many years and consider Mary Marmion's visit a sign of his continued intercession for me.


Whew! The big empty screen had me worried there for a bit . . . glad the glitch is gone now, because I really enjoy your blog!

I'm glad we are back. Yep, I was looking and want to see what you would postr for the feast, and I could not post either.

Don't forget the 25th birthday of your oldest nephew yesterday!

Dear Father, Our server had trouble on Sunday, also, and I couldn't connect,so I am relieved to know I did not miss anything. I really appreciate your blog,(so beautifully done!) and being able to keep in contact this way.

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