29 October, Mass of the Thirtieth Sunday of the Year B

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Let the hearts that seek the Lord rejoice:
seek the Lord and he will strengthen you;
constantly seek his face.
V. Give thanks to the Lord and call upon his Name:
make known his deeds among the peoples (Ps 104: 3-4, 1).


Almighty and everlasting God,
give us the increase of faith, hope, and charity;
and, that we may worthily obtain what you promise,
make us love that which you command.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God, forever and ever.


For the Church of Christ throughout the world;
that faithful to the Gospel,
she may be the home of the blind and the lame,
of the woman with child, and of her who is in travail,
to the Lord we pray: Christ, hear us. R. CHRIST, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US.

For all public servants;
that they may walk without stumbling in a straight path,
seeking the things that make for peace,
to the Lord we pray: Christ, hear us. R. CHRIST, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US.

For all who dwell in darkness and in the shadow of death,
for those who persevere in hope, waiting for the dawn,
and for all who suffer;
that they may lift their eyes to the light of Christ and be consoled,
to the Lord we pray: Christ, hear us. R. CHRIST, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US.

For ourselves, ignorant and wayward;
that we may constantly seek the Face of Him
who is “a priest forever,
according to the order of Melkisedek,”
to the Lord we pray: Christ, hear us. R. CHRIST, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US.


Father of lights,
with whom there is no variation of shadow due to change,
mercifully grant that the seed of your Word,
sown even now in our hearts,
may be watered by tears of repentance
and, at length, bear fruit
in the gladsome and blessed light
of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, our High Priest
who is Lord forever and ever.


Enliven me, O Lord, according to your word,
that I may learn your statutes (Ps 118:107, 125).


Look down, we beseech you, O Lord
upon the gifts which we offer to your majesty,
that what is done in this, the service of our worship,
may be directed more surely to your glory.
Through Christ our Lord.


It is truly right and just, our duty and our salvation,
always and everywhere to give you thanks,
Lord, holy Father, almighty and eternal God,
through Christ our Lord.

By the mystery of his death and resurrection
Christ has accomplished a wonderful work.

From the yoke of slavery to sin and death
he has called us to share his glory
and receive the name of chosen race and royal priesthood,
holy nation and people for your own possession.

He bids us everywhere proclaim your mighty works
for you, Father, have summoned us forth from darkness
into your own marvelous light.

Through Christ the choirs of angels
worship forever with joy before your majesty;
with them, we pray you, join our voices,
in this, their hymn of joyful supplication:


We will rejoice in your salvation,
and triumph in the name of the Lord our God (Ps 19:6).


Christ loved us, and gave himself up for us,
a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God (Eph 5:2).


As Jesus, on his journey, drew near to Jericho,
a blind man cried out to him
that he might be found worthy of receiving the light.


Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!
What do you want me to do for you?
Lord, that I may see! (Mk 10:47, 51)


And Jesus said to the blind man:
Go your way, your faith has made you whole.
And straightaway he saw,
and followed him in the way (Mk 10:52).


We beseech you, Lord,
that your sacraments may accomplish within us
all that they contain;
that we may grasp the very reality
of the things we celebrate now
under the appearance of signs.
Through Christ our Lord.


May God the Father of lights,
cause his brightness to shine in your hearts,
and keep your feet from stumbling.
R. Amen.

May Jesus Christ, our eternal priest,
show you the light of his countenance
and fill you with the hope of glory.
R. Amen.

May the Holy Spirit,
teach you to pray, even in darkness,
and comfort you until the the day dawns
and the morning star rises in your hearts.
R. Amen.

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