Mass of Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, Archangels

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Bless the Lord, O you his angels,
you mighty in strength who do his word,
hearkening to the voice of his word (Ps 102:20).


O God, who have constituted
in a wonderful order the ministries of angels and men:
be pleased to grant that our life here on earth
may be protected by those who stand in readiness
to serve you in heaven.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God, forever and ever.


That the Church throughout the world
may be assisted by the holy angels
in praising God,
in proclaiming the Good News,
and in comforting the afflicted,
to the Lord we pray: Christ, hear us. R. CHRIST, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US.

The world leaders
and those serving in the armed forces
may be enlightened,guided and protected by the hosts of heaven;
and that Saints Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel
may intercede for the peace of the world,
to the Lord we pray: Christ, hear us. R. CHRIST, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US.

That the weak and the vulnerable may be protected by Saint Michael;
that travelers may be kept from all harm
under the care of Saint Raphael;
that those who sorrow may be visited by the joy of Saint Gabriel,
to the Lord we pray: Christ, hear us. R. CHRIST, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US.

That we, called to imitate the angels,
may find in the Eucharistic Body of the Crucified and Risen Jesus,
the ladder that stretches from heaven to earth,
and from earth to heaven,
to the Lord we pray: Christ, hear us. R. CHRIST, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US.


Almighty and ever-living God,
who in a vision of the night
revealed to Jacob
the commerce of angels descending and ascending upon a ladder
that reached from earth to heaven,
David sang your praises in the sight of the angels,
and Daniel beheld them by thousands of thousands
in worship before your throne.
Mercifully grant that the incense offered by your Angel
may mingle with the prayers of your Church on earth
until angels and mortals together
sing your praise unceasingly in the holy city, new Jerusalem.
Through Christ our Lord.


An Angel stood near the altar of the temple,
having a golden censer in his hand:
and there was given to him much incense,
and the smoke of the perfumes ascended before God (Ap 8:3, 4).


We offer you, O Lord, the sacrifice of praise
and humbly pray
that it may be carried by the ministry of angels
into the sight of your majesty;
graciously accept it
and grant that it may advance our salvation.
Through Christ our Lord.

(Ambrosian Missal, trans. Alan Griffiths)

It is truly right and just, our duty and our salvation,
always, here and everywhere to give you thanks,
Lord, holy Father, almighty and eternal God.

As the glorious Lord of the universe,
you give life by your Word to bodiless creatures
to whom you allot the happy portion
of surrounding you as an everlasting crown.

While the rebellious angels were cast into hell,
the immense host of angels and archangels
sing ceaselessly the hymn of your faithfulness and love.

And we, hoping to share one day in their blessed existence,
already unite ourselves to this eternal choir of adoration and of joy
as to you, O Father, we raise our hymn of praise:


I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart,
in the presence of the Angels I will sing to you (Ps 137:1).


Refreshed by the Bread of Heaven,
we humbly beseech you, O Lord,
that invigorated by its power,
and safe in the faithful keeping of your Angels,
we may go forward with strength
along the way of salvation.
Through Christ our Lord.

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