The Gentle Traditionalist


calls it: “A tale of whimsical fantasy, melancholy realism, and supernatural joy … Buck’s deftly-reasoned post-modern apologetic for full-blooded Catholicism—a Syllabus of Errors in narrative form, a rousing hymn to ‘meaning, grace, beauty, life’.”

The Gentle Traditionalist by Roger Buck will brighten the mind and warm the heart during these dark, cold Irish December days and long nights. I received a copy from the author three days ago and have already read the book twice, savouring it and delighting in it both times. I recommend The Gentle Traditionalist to the Oblates and friends of Silverstream Priory, as well as to all the readers of Vultus Christi. It is a book to own and to share.

Available from Angelico Press through Amazon UK and Amazon US.